🔥 Become part of the Subsquid community and contribute together with the core team as we make our way towards becoming a DAO!

🌟This is the kickoff event for the Open Ocean Council program which allows for community contributors to gain token rewards, prestige and notoriety by being elected into the council.

🏆A massive 100.000 SQD chest is ready to be split between the top 100 participants.

Join here: https://tinyurl.com/327au77h

The Open Ocean Council

The core team behind Subsquid is fully committed to full decentralisation, many initiatives will be designed around finding the best community contributors and groom them towards the Subsquid DAO. The future of Subsquid is brighter with the community fully in control to help steer it in the right future direction. To incentivise community members, Subsquid will keep an XP score for every active community member and allocate a portion of SQD token supply to be spread amongst the voted-in DAO core contributors at a later date, as well as stablecoin and SQD bounties for a number of tasks to compensate for extraordinary efforts. For community contributors to get voted into the DAO, they not only have to grow their overall XP score, but be especially active in the quest channels and drive Subsquid further. This initiative should help the Subsquid team to retain the brightest talent within the blockchain space and ensure the best possible future for Subsquid as a protocol and product.

To find out more about Subsquid and what it can do, join us on our Discordserver to chat to one of our helpful Subsquid team members or other users. For those who want some more background information on Subsquid and what it’s all about, our website and Medium page are the perfect places to start.

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