Ambassador Applicants: Join March’s Social Growth Competition!

We would like to start today by thanking all of you, our Ambassador Applicants, for your enormous patience as we have prepared your very first project tasks. We see that many of you have begun promoting the project by creating content and publishing it on social media. You have been doing a great job and our internal analytics show it!

Today, we would like to announce our first OFFICIAL campaign for you, a Team Sonar Ambassador Applicant, to complete. By completing this task, you may be chosen to become a Junior Ambassador!

You can learn more about ambassador ranks (Applicants, Juniors, and Full Ambassadors) at this link:

If you haven’t applied to become an ambassador, please do so here:

What you need to do

The goal of this month’s campaign is to get Subsquid’s name out there on social media! (Almost) everyday we will be posting updates to Twitter and to other channels. As an Ambassador Applicant, you will just need to like, retweet, comment, or share the posts.

  1. Follow this link to register for the campaign.
  2. Complete the social growth task(s).
  3. Come back the next day to see if a new task has appeared.
  4. Rinse and repeat!

The campaign will continue for ONE MONTH until 3 APRIL 2022.


We will be choosing the most active participants in this campaign to be promoted to JUNIOR AMBASSADOR. As a junior ambassador, you will have greater prestige in the project and be much of the way to getting promoted to full ambassador. Ambassadors will get exclusive rewards and privileges during our token generation event (TGE) and during our NFT campaign.

Our Channels

Email list:








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