Announcing Phase Two of the Subsquid Ambassador Program

3 min readJun 14, 2022


Originally launched in February, the Subsquid Ambassador program has already become one of the most exciting in the Dotsama space. In fact, our program has become so successful that a few projects have started to copy it (we’re not telling which ones)!

So far, there have been two ways to progress in the program: by participating in one of our ‘Social Growth Competitions,’ or by being active in the community, be it on Discord or Twitter. Today, we’d like to announce a new phase of the ambassador program that will introduce new ways of getting promoted and of earning rewards.

How to Become a Subsquid Ambassador

Over the last few months, as the Ambassador Program has progressed through its initial stages, we have carefully analyzed community feedback in order to create a clearly understandable and fair system for participants to enter Open Ocean Council leadership. The following is the step-by-step program to become a full-fledged Subsquid Ambassador:

  1. Submit an Application (follow the link).
  2. Receive an acceptance letter and follow the steps to receive the Ambassador Applicant role in the Subsquid Discord.
  3. Participate in the community, competitions, and events in order to receive 10k XP.
  4. Submit an application to become a Junior Ambassador (level 0).
  5. Continue participation and earn an additional 10k XP (20k total), then submit an application in order to get promoted to level 1.
  6. Continue participation and earn an additional 10k XP (30k total), then submit an application in order to get promoted to level 2.
  7. Continue participation and earn an additional 10k XP (40k total), then submit an application in order to get promoted to full Ambassador.

Special incentive: The first 50 level-2 Junior Ambassadors will receive a Squid Squad NFT.

*** Please note: We will only promote up to five level-2 Junior Ambassadors and five Ambassadors in a single month.

How to earn XP

Starting today, the Subsquid core team will start to drastically increase the number of ways to earn experience (XP). These will include:

  • Staying active on Discord (XP will be automatically added)
  • Participation in ‘Flash Tasks’ → Fast-paced social media competitions.
  • Translations and Content Creation → Complete tasks in the Quest Management System.

Alternative ways of getting promoted:

We would like to note that XP is not the only way to get promoted. The Subsquid core team will also promote community members who do one or multiple of the following:

  • Serve actively as a community manager
  • Organize events
  • Contribute to Subsquid code
  • Create extraordinary value for Subsquid in some other way

Please note: The core team reserves the right to promote community members for any reason they see fit.


The following rewards will be available to the various ranks of the Ambassador program. We will be adding new rewards for each rank with time.

  • Junior Ambassador (Level 0) → Access to exclusive giveaway events.
  • Junior Ambassador (Level 1) → Inner-circle benefits, more access to chats and team, name mentioned on the Subsquid website.
  • Junior Ambassador (Level 2) → Squid Squad NFT, profile picture or avatar on the Subsquid website.
  • Ambassador → SQD Token Allocation, DAO participation.


Gradually, the Subsquid core team will institute a policy where members of the ambassador program will be demoted by one level if it is found that they had been inactive for at least one month. We are still working on this policy and will communicate it when ready. As always, we appreciate your input in this regard in the ‘Proposals’ channel on Discord.


Please keep in mind: Everything mentioned above is subject to change as the Subsquid project progresses.

About Subsquid

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