Announcing the Subsquid Quest Management System!

2 min readMar 9, 2022


Subsquid is pleased to announce the launch of our new Quest Management System which will automate the process of managing the tasks carried out by the intrepid members of our Open Ocean Council Program (OOCP). The OOCP is the chipirone (the name for a baby squid, since you ask) that will eventually grow into the fully fledged Subsquid DAO, where the Subsquid community will be handed the keys to the project and tasked with taking it forward.

The OOCP is made up of members of two teams, Team Sonar and Team Abyss, who specialise in two key areas — community growth and technical development, respectively. Both these teams are tasked with using their skills and their interest in Subsquid to assist in growing the network through whatever means they feel will have the most impact. This has led to a flurry of fantastic ideas, the fruits of which we at Subsquid are already seeing.

However, with so many good ideas coming in, and with Subsquid putting out calls for certain activities too, we need a way of managing everything. Enter the Quest Management System (QMS)!

Subsquid’s Quest Management System

The QMS is an automated system in the form of a Discord bot, built by the Subsquid community, to help assign, receive, and manage the tasks being carried out by our fantastic OOC members.

With all OOC tasks now being managed through the QMS system, it’s vital that all OOC members understand how to use it, which you can do through our Tutorial here. Using the QMS will benefit Subsquid and our OOC team members alike, streamlining the process by which tasks are assigned and the work itself submitted. And who doesn’t like an easier life?

If you’re not already a member of our thriving undersea community on Discord you’ll need to join in order to get started with the QMS. The tutorial tells you everything you need to know about getting started with Subsquid quests, so have a read through to acquaint yourself with it. Let’s get to work!

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