Concluding May’s Social Growth Competition

2 min readMay 25, 2022


That’s a wrap, folks!

After four weeks of brilliant social media work done by members of Team Sonar and the Subsquid Ambassador Program, May’s Social Growth Competition is coming today to a close. Over the course of the month-long event, more than 1200 community members completed nearly 20,000 social growth tasks across a range of digital channels.

Internal metrics show that, over the last 30 days, your posts helped to get the Subsquid message out to millions of people. Thank you for the great work!

We are especially proud to announce our final Squid Squad NFT winner of the competition…

New Trader#7893 (@theIostheaven on Twitter)

New Trader is a junior ambassador who has been an active member of the Subsquid community member for quite some time. He frequently proposes well-thought-out ideas in our Discord that are extremely helpful as we shape the Open Ocean Council and Subsquid DAO in its early days.

If you haven’t won yet… don’t worry! We’ll be announcing new competitions and contests with NFT prizes very soon!

New Junior Ambassadors

To conclude this month’s competition, we would also like to announce an entire list of 18 new Junior Ambassadors. Welcome to the project and good luck as you climb the ranks in the ambassador program!

Please remember, Subsquid never stops recruiting new members of the ambassador program. You can learn more about applying here.

  • sasha_45#8263
  • evgenia3011#4603
  • meison#7554
  • DS#8996
  • Sergey#7405
  • OlgaMatveenkova#4371
  • Txt2ini#9894
  • Astral#8477
  • Marcus_10#7128
  • Isabell23#7845
  • stark#3277
  • AmbaNet #2975

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