Hydra v4 is Live!

Hydra has been upgraded to version 4, offering a range of improvements aimed at enhancing the overall developer and user experience. Developers can now enjoy a flat and intuitive structure as seen in Hydra template, making it easier than ever to set up a Hydra project. Under the hood, the optimised Indexers improve the speed and stability of the data pipeline, from the ingestion stage at the indexer side through the processing phase and on to the query node API. All three steps have been streamlined to offer a faster, smoother experience.

Hydra v4 also adds native ts-node support, meaning no more time wasted on transpiling, while you can now also extend your query node with custom API queries — users can define any SQL in the server-extension folder and the query will instantly appear in the query node API. V4 also sees query node API bugfixes and performance upgrades in JSON entity fields, pagination, and entity Relations filtering.

Migration from Hydra v3 to v4 is straightforward — simply clone Hydra-template and drop in your schema and mappings to the corresponding locations. Then follow the steps in README.md and you’ll soon be enjoying a sleeker, faster Hydra!

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