Recap: Five Highlights of Polkadot Decoded 2022

4 min readJul 4, 2022

What a week! The Subsquid team has just returned from Berlin and New York City, where they attended Polkadot Decoded. A lot happened over the course of just a few days, and we’d really like to share everything with you! Unfortunately, that would take more time than a single post, so today we have decided to simply outline the five main things that made the events such an incredible success.

#1 | Speaking on the Main Stage at Polkadot Decoded

The very first day of Decoded in Berlin got off to a great start with a keynote demonstration made by our CEO, Dmitry Zhelezov, on the main stage. In his presentation, entitled ‘Data Indexing in the Multichain World,’ Dmitry went beyond discussing just the challenges of cross-chain data processing. In fact, he demonstrated our much anticipated ‘FireSquid release,’ and showed how Subsquid is the only API framework that can withstand the sophistication of the dApps and decentralized technologies that are soon to come. And yes, the indexing speed of 50k blocks per second did drop some jaws!

Don’t sweat it if you couldn’t make it to the event to see Dmitry’s demo. Thankfully, it was professionally recorded and can be watched on Youtube. If you’d like to learn more about the FireSquid release, you can review this recent blog post.

#2 | Hacking with Friends

As a part of Decoded week, Subsquid developer advocate Massimo Luraschi attended the Polkadot Hacker House in NYC. Not only did he help the hackers by giving a live presentation and tutorial about our developer toolkit, but he met up with some of Subsquid’s oldest partners and newest friends.​​

Massimo with Luke from Crust!

It was great to meet up, all in one room, with DotSama’s top innovators. We had time to get into the weeds together — we learned a lot about the tech and got some good ideas for some upcoming product releases and collaborations. We’re looking forward to the next Hacker House for sure!

Parity, Moonbeam, Kilt, and Subsquid getting a slice of New York pizza

#3 | Side Events

One of the consistently cool things about Polkadot conferences is all the great side events that pop up around them. For the Subsquid team, there were two major highlights here. First was the Opening Party hosted by the Polkadot Ambassadors team, Phala, Centrifuge, Unique, Parallel and Moonbeam. After the first great day of decoded, we had the pleasure of attending the Happy Hour that was organized by Acala, Astar, HydraDX, Interlay, and Manta, followed by the Pendulum Hub, where our CEO was invited to speak on a panel about cross-chain interoperability.

Because we squids like to party, we also didn’t miss the losing party at the legendary Tresor Club hosted by Manta!

#4 | Composable Unchained

Thanks to the team at Composable Finance, the excitement of Polkadot Decoded got extended by one day. Their full-day Unchained event, which occurred on the day right after Decoded, was a fantastic chance to connect with projects from several blockchain ecosystems and discuss our multichain future.

Dmitry and Roman with Hoon from Astar (notice the t-shirt?)

Once again, CEO Dmitry Zhelezov got a chance to give his opinion to the audience as a speaker on a panel about privacy in a multichain world. It was a fascinating chat as it brought together top minds from the Polkadot, Cosmos, and Mina ecosystems.

In between visiting Composable Unchained we also attended an Australia-themed barbecue hosted by our good friends at Talisman. Unfortunately, the Berlin weather didn’t really let the outside event happen, but we had a great time catching up at a nearby bar!

# 5 | DogSama

So far, Polkadot Decoded has been the biggest, most important event for Subsquid’s four-legged team members! In fact, the Berlin event represented the official launch of the DogSama conference series. This first meetup brought together very good boys from both the Subsquid and KodaDot teams!

Very good boys

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