Recap: Subsquid CEO Dmitry Zhelezov Speaks to RiRi!

3 min readJun 17, 2022


Subsquid co-founder Dmitry Zhelezov recently RiRi, the host of the YouTube channel RiRi Gone Wild, about Subsquid’s revolutionary technology, how it can benefit a multi-chain universe, the imminent releases of Fire Squid and Giant Squid, and more.

RiRi, a passionate Polkadot advocate, began by asking about Dmitry’s history and the history of Subsquid, with Dmitry revealing something that many have wondered — the core rationale behind the name ‘Subsquid’ was how nice the word ‘squid’ looked on the page!

Dmitry explained the Subsquid ethos from a developer point of view, stating that the core aim of the project is to bridge the gap between the data collection and effectively translating it for the end user, arguing that decentralisation as a concept is “futile” if the user doesn’t get what they want from it. He also gave a live demonstration of how a squid is implemented into a project, illustrating how the various tools Subsquid provides around data usage allow developers to focus on improving the user experience. He discussed how Subqsuid handles scaling, explaining that archives act as a central data hub for many users and negate the need for individuals to run expensive and resource-heavy individual blockchain nodes.

Dmitry then revealed his favourite thing about the Polkadot community (no spoilers here!) before detailing what he considers the key features of the Subsquid, including how he and the Subsquid team took some surprising user feedback and turned it into a key feature.

RiRi asked for an update on the progress of the Subsquid DAO, which Dmitry provided, additionally offering his insight into the power of community and its responsibility within a DAO. This led to a discussion over the importance of the SQD token in the operation of the DAO, including how SQD vote-holders will have a say in the reward flow within the ecosystem. RiRi then quizzed Dmitry on the imminent releases of Fire Squid and Giant Squid, with Dmitry explaining the crucial differences between the two and dropping some code-based alpha into the bargain.

Dmitry ended the interview by outlining what the future of Subsquid looks like, revealing that building the Subsquid user network will be the key focus for the team over the next year. He added that will work to ensure that running a node remains cheap as the project scales up, adding that scaling up the Subsquid engine is also imperative, ensuring it can handle the data throughput that Dmitry believes is imminent as the blockchain and Web 3 space grows.

To watch Dmitry discussing Subsquid with RiRi, and to see that alpha code for yourself, you can follow the link here.

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