Squid Squad NFT Official Release and Giveaway Event

4 min readJul 25, 2022


Finally, after months of preparation, we are excited to announce the official release of the Squid Squad NFT collection!

Check it out:

You can browse the entire collection at Singular.App

We know these NFTs have been a long time coming, and we thank you for your patience!

Squid Squad NFTs: The Creation Process

We originally announced the creation of the Squid Squad a few months ago, and we’ve been super busy getting them ready ever since! We are extremely proud of these NFTs and think they are going to be one of the most popular collections in DotSama. Trust us… they were well worth the wait!

Top-Level 3D Art

When we first got the idea for the Squid Squad collection, we approached the very best artists we could find to make the art. We had long been fans of the Donkey Gang collection, so we contacted its creators, Stickyfactory (SFY 3D Studio). These guys were absolutely painstaking in their attention to detail in the creation of the Squids. You can learn more about SFY’s creative process in this video.

RMRK 2.0 Technology

The Squid Squad collection has been built on top of Web3’s most advanced NFT protocol — RMRK 2.0. These are feature-rich, interactive, NFTs that can be equipped with non-fungible items like clothing. We knew from the start that we wanted the Squid Squad to be RMRK 2.0-native, and (we have to admit) there were some technical blockers to getting these next-gen NFTs out on time. But we’ve done it… with the amazing help of our partners at RMRK.

Who is getting an NFT?

Over the course of the last few months, we have awarded Squid Squad NFTs to community members who have participated in certain events and competitions or who have reached ‘level 2’ in the Subsquid ambassador program. These will be the first NFTs to be distributed.

In the coming days, weeks, and months, we will be releasing more Squid Squad NFTs through similar events. We will also be selling a portion of the NFTs on the Singular marketplace to fund community efforts (more information about this coming soon).

Squid Squad on Singular 2.0: https://singular.app/collections/e0b9bdcc456a36497a-SQSQ

Announcing the “Squid Squad Official Release” Giveaway Event

Since we want to get as many Squid Squad NFTs out to our community as possible, we thought it would be a great idea to start the official release of the collection off with a giveaway event! Like for our past giveaways, this one will be carried out using the Gleam platform. Click here to register and get started.

Gleam Campaign Conditions

Winners will be selected randomly based on the number of points (‘entries’) earned in Gleam. Make sure to check back to the Gleam competition page each day for new tasks to complete. We will be updating it each and every day of the competition, so this is a great way to increase your chance of winning.

New Twitter Page

Another major announcement we’d like to make today is the launch of the official Squid Squad NFT Twitter page! All news about the collection will be posted on this new account, so make sure to follow!

More information is coming soon!

We realize that we haven’t gone too in-depth in this article about NFT collection details like attributes, rarities, and utilities. Make sure to Subscribe to our Medium blog… an article on that topic is coming very soon!

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