Subsocial Chooses Subsquid for Off-Chain Data Management

Subsquid has the pleasure of working with Subsocial, a Substrate-based open platform for decentralized social networks, to maximise its data management. Subsocial allows anyone to quickly and easily start up their own censorship-resistant social network or community, and the popularity of the platform, which launched its testnet in August 2020, has seen its data management needs rapidly expanding. Social networks consist of masses of data which can be hard to sort, organize, and filter, but with Subsquid now on board Subsocial is able to manage this data effectively, allowing it to be easily and quickly referenceable.

Subsquid’s advanced query node technology allows Subsocial to turn raw blockchain data into a much more usable and manageable state, allowing Subsocial to filter user content by various parameters such as key words, phrases, and tags and also filter data on posts themselves such as the number of likes, comments, shares etc. Subsquid integration also allows Subsocial to integrate information from Kusama treasury proposals into Polkaverse to automatically create posts about treasury proposals.

Crucially, integrating Subsquid also allows Subsocial to sort its blockchain data in other ways than just chronological order, offering up a variety of ways for the platform to analyse its site data and improve its offering for its users. It also allows for infinite scrolling on the Subsocial site, adding to the user experience. This helps Subsocial mirror the traditional social media experience for users, something that is crucial for adoption over time.

Such developments on the Subsocial platform wouldn’t have been possible without implementing the Subsquid protocol, which allows projects to build customisable search query frameworks utilising our powerful Hydra processing software. Hydra Indexing constantly assesses and organises the data on the blockchain ready for retrieval in any number of ways by the user, making blockchain data increasingly easy to sort, query and utilise.

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