Subsquid Adds Dwellir as Aquarium Infrastructure Provider

2 min readAug 1, 2022

The Subsquid team is proud to announce today a new infrastructure partnership with Dwellir, a leading provider of decentralized parachain nodes to Dotsama builders. In an upcoming release of Subsquid’s Aquarium hosted service, it will become possible for squid developers to follow a link to the Dwellir website and receive access to the platform’s hosting service.

This collaboration and the Aquarium update are primarily aimed at improving the Web3 development experience, and at empowering builders with access to premium Dwellir infrastructure. To jumpstart this partnership, the Dwellir team has generously agreed to offer Subsquid users introductory rates starting at $100 a month for shared endpoints. Of course, developers may also register for Dwellir’s free tier, allowing for up to 500k requests per day.

“In getting this partnership started, Dwellir’s technical and operational expertise have really impressed us.” notes Marcel Fohrmann, co-founder of Subsquid. “We were particularly excited to hear that Dwellir runs their own infrastructure and does not depend on cloud providers. We believe this will help ensure the node reliability and security our users require.”

“We are excited to help grow the ecosystem of Subsquid. To fulfill the vision of multichain dApps developers need access to an API framework that is a resource-efficient way to build, test, and deploy APIs for blockchain applications,” says Gustav Nipe, CEO of Dwellir. “Subsquid is the framework that the Dotsama community needs.”

The update to the Subsquid Aquarium web app that will include a link to Dwellir’s service will be released in the coming weeks. Official announcements of this release will be available across all official Subsquid social media channels.

About Dwellir

Dwellir is a privacy- and security-focussed infrastructure provider for Web 3.0 digital economies and assets. Running their own bare-metal infrastructure in Sweden, the Dwellir team is proud to hold to their purpose of protecting humans’ right to private property, privacy, and freedom in the blockchain era by means of deploying technical and operational expertise.

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​​About Subsquid

Subsquid is an indexing solution that enables Web3 builders to gain access to on-chain data on their own terms. Featuring modular architecture and decentralised governance, this is the most developer-friendly and resource-efficient way to build, test, and deploy customised APIs for blockchain-facing applications.

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