Subsquid and Crust Form Partnership to Scale Web3 Storage

The core teams of Subsquid and Crust are excited to announce a strategic partnership that has already led to two successful software integrations: the deployment of an Archive on the Crust network, and the launch of a highly customised Squid API that brings several new features to applications built on the Crust Network.

Given that Crust is a stand-alone blockchain in the Polkadot ecosystem, this represents Subsquid’s very first pair of integrations on a non-Kusama-based network. This is also the first time Squids and Archives have been deployed as a part of a decentralised storage protocol. The Subsquid team is thrilled to have a chance to demonstrate the power of the Squid API framework within the context of this essential Web3 use case on such an active network.

Indeed, Crust is a high-traffic network, with well over 160,000 storage orders made since the launch of the mainnet just half a year ago. Subsquid provides Crust with a high-throughput and high-availability blockchain indexing system with full support for runtime upgrades. This means anyone building on top of Crust can rest assured that their application will run smoothly as the network continues to scale and develop going into the future.

Crust CTO Luke Fan summarised the benefits of implementing Subsquid:

“Subsquid enables higher on-chain throughput thanks to its highly efficient indexing system. Thanks to Subsquid, as the network scales, Crust users will continue to enjoy blazing-fast applications and a superior user experience.”

Subsquid CEO Dmitry Zhelezov concurred:

“Crust Network’s decentralised storage is a key stack piece for Web3. This partnership is an amazing opportunity for our team because it has allowed us to show the versatility of our solution when working in the backend of such important blockchain infrastructure.”

The Subsquid team is looking forward to seeing all the opportunities for Web3 users and builders that come as a result of this integration.

To get a better idea of the full impact of this mutual collaboration, the community is invited to review the extensive information provided on Crust Network’s official website. For a more thorough overview of Subsquid’s API framework and of Archive deployment, developers and infrastructure providers should review this documentation.

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