Subsquid and Litentry Join Forces to Improve Web3 Identity Data Processing

3 min readMar 30, 2022


Subsquid and Litentry are delighted to announce a new partnership that will provide Web3 users and builders with a better way to access, maintain, and utilise decentralised identity data. This collaboration has already established the first truly decentralised and cross-chain data processing protocol for DApp developers that need to track identity information across multiple networks.

Litentry, whose chief aim is to build a user-centric world through blockchain technology, provides identity aggregation services in a way that holds true to the key values of decentralisation, such as privacy, permissionlessness, and immutability. It was paramount to Litentry’s core team to engage with a data processing service provider that was also committed to Web3 values. They found such a solution in Subsquid.

Litentry has already begun leveraging Subsquid’s framework to gather identity-related information across an extensive list of Substrate chains. This data is served to DApps built using Litentry’s solution. One striking example of an application that has been accelerated by this partnership is My Crypto Profile. MCP is a Web2-to-Web3 identity management layer designed to empower users to manage cross-chain personal data, authorize data usage, and access Web3 products in privacy.

A number of additional DApp integrations will be announced in due course. Furthermore, the Litentry team has already communicated plans to use data generated with Subsquid’s SDK to drive their platform’s own governance protocol.

“We are very happy to work with Litentry in order to push the limits of what can be built in a multichain world where, up until now, data is fragmented,” remarks Dmitry Zhelezov, CEO of Subsquid. “In Web3, people can use many wallets and thus have multiple on-chain personalities: One can be an anonymous cartoon frog or an ape and build a successful profile through participation in on-chain communities and DAOs. Indeed, our on-chain transactions tell more about ourselves than a scant description on a Twitter profile page. This is where Litentry comes in, and it’s exciting to see how Litentry is leveraging Subsquid to mine, transform and serve on-chain data to build the identity platform of the future”

Fei Liu, CTO of Litentry also expressed his excitement for the collaberation, “Subsquid offers unique value by solving one of the core challenges in Web3 space, namely how to access high-quality base-layer blockchain data and to support a multichain setup by default. The solid solution provided by the Subsquid team further helps Litentry to aggregate identify-related data across different networks. ”

A large number of additional integrations are already in the works. For example, Litentry’s development team has just gotten started experimenting with Subsquid’s recently released EVM compatibility. The team is also looking into using the Subsquid framework to generate analytics for smart contract deployments.

About Subsquid

Subsquid is an on-chain data processing solution that enables Web3 builders to gain access to on-chain data on their own terms. Featuring multi-layer architecture and decentralised governance, this is the most developer-friendly and resource-efficient way to build, test, and deploy customised APIs for all blockchain-facing applications.

About Litentry

Litentry is a Decentralised Identity Aggregator that enables the linking of user identities across multiple networks. It offers a solution to scattered Digital ID information by sourcing on-chain DID from multiple networks and linking them to form a single, aggregated DID that conforms to W3C standards.

Litentry provides a secure vehicle through which users manage their identities, and DApps obtain real-time DID data of an identity owner across different blockchains. Its use cases include public profiles, single sign-ons, and making governance and airdrops more secure by basing them on unique identities rather than on unique addresses.

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