Subsquid Boosts Interlay’s Data Capabilities

The Subsquid team is stoked to announce that it has entered into a partnership with Interlay, a Polkadot-based Bitcoin bridge that combines the elegance of Bitcoin with the speed of Polkadot, which will see Subsquid’s Hydra framework being used as the fulcrum for Interlay’s data query requirements.

Before integrating Subsquid, Interlay’s RPC nodes were not able to display the requisite level of feedback to its users, due to slow querying times making it unfeasible to aggregate and analyse data. Interlay initially used a custom solution in order to parse events and query them for dashboard data and analytics, but this still did not give them the performance they required.

Using Subsquid has proven to be a game changer, offering a much smoother development workflow and a robust, high-performance API that significantly reduces the development effort required. Not only does this ensure that backend data aggregation is quicker than ever before, it also frees up Interlay developers to dedicate more time to the platform.

Subsquid’s GraphQL-based, multi-layered architecture allows for faster iterations, making it easier for Interlay to create new dashboards and put user feedback into action. This increased insight will allow Interlay developers to measure public metrics and personal activity logs as well as the general state of the bridge quicker and more accurately.

Interlay plans to continue expanding its use of the Hydra framework within its solution as the project grows, with such expansion bringing with it demands for additional data requirements for users, such as governance, more detailed activity history, more granular monitoring, and additional analytics.

For more information on Subsquid and how it could transform your Polkadot data requirements, head over to our Discord server for a chat with one of our helpful team members, or check out our website or Medium page.

About Interlay

We envision a future where blockchains seamlessly connect and interact: anyone can use any digital asset on any blockchain, trustless and without limitations. We work with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos, and others to expand interoperability, capital efficiency, and openness.

Our flagship product is interBTC — Bitcoin on any blockchain. A 1:1 Bitcoin-backed asset, fully collateralized, interoperable, and censorship-resistant, realizing the true free nature of BTC and decentralized finance. Kintsugi is our canary network on Kusama — the innovation hub of the Interlay network.

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