Subsquid Dev Log #2

Welcome to our second edition of our development log, we appreciate your interest in our progress! 💙🦑

We finally went public with our fundraising result of our seed round and were able to show off our amazing line-up of strategic investors and received coverage by Cointelegraph and other great publications. 🔥

Here are the most important updates this week:

  • The Subsquid team has been busy behind the scenes and is thrilled to welcome two new developers to Subsquid! 💫
  • Subsquid in action: Finished crowdloans and auction API for Polkadot.
  • Subsquid in action: Started working on Statemine assets support.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Web UI) Web development started along with some design improvements.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Command Line Interface) Added settings to hydra-cli that allow to adjust how many instances can be deployed by a particular user.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Command Line Interface) hydra-cli now supports redeploy version of the same project.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Command Line Interface) hydra-cli now shows a warning before deployment if there are unstaged/uncomitted/unpushed changes.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Command Line Interface) hydra-cli deploy shows a list of git remotes and asks the user to select the one that will be taken for deployments.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Indexers) Designed a solution that updates indexers automatically once a parachain begins emitting new data types after upgrade.

To find out more about Subsquid, join us on our Discord server and chat to one of our helpful Subsquid team members or other users. For those who want some more background information on Subsquid and what it’s all about, our website and Medium page are the perfect places to start.

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