Welcome to the third edition of our weekly development log!

First we like to thank our growing community for the conclusion of the first community challenge, big congratulations to the 100 winners! 🏆💙🦑

We also kicked off our second community challenge that is ongoing at the moment and are looking forward to rewarding the lucky winner with 1500 USDT. Being admirers of Bitcoin like most of us, we were also very happy to announce our partnership with Interlay, who bring BTC to the Polkadot ecosystem.

🔥 Make sure you don’t miss out on our first AMA (ask me anything) on the Telegram channel of our friends at Polkawarriors that comes with a reward chest of 500 USDT! 💵 Make sure to participate and get insides by our Technical Co-Founder and CEO Dmitry Zhelezov. 🔥

We made good progress on the product side this week, most notably:

  • Subsquid hosted service: (Command Line Interface) Updates on the docs related to upcoming Hydra V.5 release.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Web UI) Automatic default logo sets for any new Subsquid project, as well as implemented mechanism for user defined logo upload.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Web UI) User flow is now finalised.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Command Line Interface) Supported project creation from CLI along with the version name provided by the user.
  • Subsquid Indexer Infrastructructure: Began working on a service that checks if npm packages update and update corresponding types.
  • Subsquid Core: Release hydra-indexer v4.2.0-alpha.8 with improved performance for fetching event and extrinsic data in one shot.
  • Subsquid Core: finishing deep support for runtime upgrades in the mappings.
  • Subsquid Core: Figuring out how to load block metadata in batches.
  • Subsquid Core: Started working on our own SCALE codec to improve polkadot.js performance.
  • Smart contract integration: Began working on smart contract scenarios and marrying them with the Subsquid hosted service.
  • Subsquid In Action: Open API for tracking Statemine assets is now live! Link: https://app.gc.subsquid.io/statemine-assets-v4-1/graphql
  • Design: Created storage for all Subsquid designs with a clear structure.

To find out more about Subsquid, join us on our Discord server and chat to one of our helpful Subsquid team members or other users. For those who want some more background information on Subsquid and what it’s all about, our website and Medium page are the perfect places to start.

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