Subsquid Helps Astar Ramp Up Its Processing Power

2 min readFeb 15, 2022

Subsquid is delighted to announce a partnership with Astar, a scalable and interoperable infrastructure for Web 3.0 based on Substrate architecture. Astar was formed in 2019 under the name Plasm with the intention of solving issues of scalability and interoperability within blockchains.

Astar is EVM compatible and aims to incorporate many of the features of Ethereum 2.0 to Polkadot. To this end, its developers had been looking for a data processing solution that would leverage the project’s potential and bolster the development of Dapps on the network.
Ultimately, Astar and Subsquid decided to work together, and today we would like to announce an exciting new collaboration that will demonstrate the breadth of both of our projects’ capabilities.

Astar partnership highlights Subsquid’s capabilities

As part of Subsquid’s efforts to offer support for all Substrate chains, we had already launched Archives for Astar as well as Shiden — Astar’s multichain Dapp Hub on the Kusama network. Significantly, both of these Archives offer full support for EVM log fetching and filtering, as well as for standard Substrate Event and Extrinsic data.

Of most interest to Dapp developers, however, is the processing and transformation of this data. This is now possible thanks to recent updates to the Subsquid Processor, giving Squids native support for EVM logs.

In essence, we have created a new npm package (@subsquid/substrate-evm-processor) that defines a new Processor class, adding the possibility to add EVM Log Handler functions. This has opened up opportunities for new integrations on top of EVM compatible chains, and we’re excited to collaborate with Astar in this regard.

More functionality coming

Subsquid’s achievements with Astar don’t mark the end of the relationship, however — far from it. We have very exciting plans to work with the Astar team on initiating a range of Dapp integrations on the Astar network. We believe that such integrations will help demonstrate the capabilities and adaptability of Subsquid Processors. Moreover, they will allow our community to see the Processor’s ability to process EVM logs in real world applications.

Astar is already in talks with a decentralised exchange regarding these plans, and we hope to be able to share more information on this exciting venture with you soon.

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