Subsquid Helps Sirius Finance Streamline Essential Features

2 min readJul 27, 2022

Here at Subsquid, we are always happy to support the rapidly growing Astar DeFi ecosystem, and today we are extremely excited to announce that data provided by our unique modular indexing solution now powers several features of the Sirius Finance platform. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with our colleagues at Sirius, and we expect this collaboration to have a significant impact on the development of DeFi in Dotsama and beyond.

Sirius Finance is a cross-chain stablecoin AMM that creates value for traders through financial innovations like low-slippage trading fees, as well as high APYs for Astar Network liquidity providers. Sirius is a sophisticated DeFi platform with multiple pools and support for several major stablecoins. To support the development of a long list of essential platform features, The Sirius team required middleware that could retrieve information from these multiplicities sources. Subsquid met the project requirements perfectly.

Sirius Finance’s developers have already created and launched a squid (API) using Subsquid’s SDK that calculates TVL, trading volumes, APR, and veSRS balances. Information provided by the squid is available throughout Sirius’ excellent UI, and is essential to numerous platform functionalities, including governance via the veSRS token.

“We are thrilled to observe the great work done by the Sirius Finance team. They are using our tools to really innovate in DeFi,” remarks Subsquid co-founder Marcel Fohrmann. “Offering an exceptional UX, Sirius has really set itself apart as the first stablecoin AMM on Astar. We’re looking forward to continuing to build great DeFi together.”

“The Subsquid team has shown a high level of professionality not just in their expertise but also in the whole teamwork process, which is really important for the partnership,” stated Leaf, COO of Sirius Finance. “We both have brought the best of us.”

Sirius Finance is an extremely user-friendly platform, and anyone who is interested in seeing the results of this collaboration needs only to visit the official website and explore the various app features. Subsquid has already committed to supporting the platform with continued technical support and access to the Aquarium, a free hosted service for squid APIs.

About Sirius Finance

Sirius Finance is the first Polkadot-native stablecoin AMM on Astar Network. Our mission is to provide a stable, highly liquid trading platform for stablecoins, deep liquidity for connected protocols, attract and lock tremendous value to facilitate more innovations and collaborations for Astar and Polkadot.

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​​About Subsquid

Subsquid is an indexing solution that enables Web3 builders to gain access to on-chain data on their own terms. Featuring modular architecture and decentralised governance, this is the most developer-friendly and resource-efficient way to build, test, and deploy customised APIs for blockchain-facing applications.

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