Subsquid Helps Zeitgeist Prepare For the Future

Subsquid is proud to be one of the best data middleware solutions in the Polkadot ecosystem, a reputation that has been further enhanced thanks to a new partnership with prediction market maker Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist allows anyone to create a prediction market, with punters incentivized to make informed predictions on numerous outcomes, with the accurate punters taking home the pot. The protocol makes use of blockchain oracles where outside data is required. Zeitgeist also features a new form of governance called ‘futarchy’ — a system where prospective actions are voted for using the same on-chain prediction methodology, with voters casting their ballots like they would when making a prediction bet.

All this data needs proper organization and reporting, and Zeitgeist developers recently realised that if the protocol grows as they intend then their native data management solutions may have struggled to meet their expanding requirements. After speaking with Subsquid, the Zeitgeist team realised that Subsquid was the perfect solution to futureproofing their data management, with its Hydra framework and blockchain organisation methodology making data recall fast and easy.

Implementing Subsquid as a middleware solution has meant that the Zeitgeist application has a greatly reduced loading time as well as allowing users to see a raft of new information in their dashboards, such as price history charts, portfolio metrics, transaction history and other data-heavy details that were not previously available. With the Subsquid protocol running the show in the background, Zeitgeist developers know that the odds of success are firmly in their favour. Subqsuid has also been beneficial to developers by providing the tooling and code generation that makes it much easier to add new events and schema to the stored data.

If you think your Substrate project could benefit in the same way that Zeitgeist and numerous others have already done, head over to our Discord server for a chat with one of our helpful team members or check out our website or Medium page for the lowdown on what Subsquid could do for you.

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