Subsquid Partner peaq Builds Substrate’s First Open-Source Explorer

2 min readJul 6, 2022

Back in April, Subsquid and peaq announced their partnership, aimed at accelerating the blockchain-powered Economy of Things throught better data access. At that time, the two teams worked together to launch a Subsquid Archive on the peaq EoT-focussed smart contract platform and create a first experimental Squid.

Since that initial publication, the collaboration has really built up steam. Now, using Subsquid’s tech stack, peaq developers have made some major technological breakthroughs that are certain to have an impact throughout the Polkadot ecosystem. Just today, the peaq team announced the release of peaq Scan, the very first open-source blockchain explorer built on Substrate. The explorer is available on the project’s GitHub.

Click here to read the full announcement on peaq’s official website.

“We were very excited to hear that peaq had completed the initial development of their peaq Scan explorer,” remarked Subsquid co-founder Marcel Fohrmann. “The Economy of Things is rapidly gaining traction, and it is fascinating to see how the peaq team is using the Subsquid tech stack to build the best possible solutions for developers that are bringing the EoT together with Web3. We can’t wait to see what’s coming next.”

Anybody interested in taking a look at the peaq Squid can do so by visiting the Aquarium — a public gallery of APIs developed by Subsquid users — at this link. For advice about building an explorer for yourself, join our developer community on Discord.

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