Subsquid Social Growth Competition: Week 2

Two weeks down, two to go! We’d like to congratulate our Ambassador Applicants and Junior Ambassadors this week on a job well done in our Social Growth Competition. You guys have been doing amazing work getting the word out there about the Subsquid project.

Thanks to your efforts, the world is becoming more aware each and every day about how Subsquid is the data backbone for Web3. So far, in the Competition, you have completed more than 8800 tasks and created tens of thousands of social media impressions. This is really impressive!

Not too late to join in

If you have already applied to become a Subsquid Ambassador, you can sign up for the Social Growth Competition at any time. Just follow this link to learn how.

Not an Ambassador applicant yet? Why not apply?! This link will tell you everything you need to know about applying. After sending your information through the application form, you can join the Social Growth Competition right away.

Welcoming new Junior Ambassadors

We’d like to welcome the second cohort of Junior Ambassadors, promoted as a result of their participation in this campaign. It’s so inspiring to see our team of community contributors grow so quickly!

  • golushko_invest
  • Limberbee
  • Tatiana2411
  • Avet
  • Ekke116
  • Shreyudey
  • Limonka
  • 1VanKing
  • Tjomax
  • Droid sans ethiopic
  • Ihor#0732
  • Svetlana#7505
  • Carnage_dima
  • KTP#8621
  • Hendot#2438

Two weeks left

The social growth campaign is already halfway finished, but it’s not too late for new community members to join in. Start today and complete all previous upcoming tasks to secure your slot in the Squid Squad!

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