Subsquid Social Growth Competition: Week 3

Well, that sure was a whirlwind of a week, wasn’t it? We really feel that things went into full gear over the last few days, with community contributors creating some amazing content and posting it to Twitter and to other social media.

In fact, the Squid Squad has completed more than 13,000 social growth actions over the course of the competition. Participants have brought the Subsquid message to an audience of at least 200,000 people. Well done, Squids! 🦑 🚀

Friendly reminder: It’s not too late to join the competition. All you need to do is apply to be a Subsquid Ambassador (info here) then sign up for the Social Growth Competition (which you can do here). All previous tasks are still open, so you can certainly catch up!

Subsquid is going global

We would like to welcome 16 new Junior Ambassadors. These Squids have shown themselves to be the best of the best at social media and community management. We’re proud to say that our Junior Ambassador team is getting much more international too, with contributors coming from four continents and speaking more than a dozen languages!

  • Dimlak#7104
  • ​​shian17#9244
  • CryptoKella#8197
  • NavamUD#4914
  • shelest_artem#5297
  • Xpert#0766
  • kemi#5235
  • anastese1#2102
  • New Trader#7893
  • howhy#8654
  • Kingnuel | Blockchain_mata#5927
  • SavaCousin#7741
  • Koon-WalkingSpoiler#4351
  • SmithGrandee#3155
  • ungest#3024
  • Miracule#1733

One week to go!

There’s only one week left in the Social Growth Competition. However, it’s still not too late to make your mark. Join our Discord and Telegram, then apply to become an Ambassador. Help us build Subsquid DAO, it’ll be worth it!

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