Subsquid’s Social Growth Competition: Wrapping Things Up

(Read to the end for a big announcement)

After 30 days of amazing work done by the Open Ocean Council’s Team Sonar, the Subsquid Social Growth Competition has come to a close. Team members created social media posts, wrote blogs, filmed videos, and drew fantastic pictures. You guys made some hilarious memes, crafted incredible graphical art, and overall went above and beyond with your creativity and marketing know-how.

Thank you, Squids, for a month to remember!

The Subsquid core team has been blown away by your ability to get the word out about the project. We know that with a community led by people like you, building the DAO can only be a success!

To put things into perspective, here are just a few statistics we collected over the course of the competition:

  • Total number of participants: 1,090
  • Tasks completed: 19,494
  • Points earned: 329,711
  • Social media impressions: >1,000,000 (we lost count)

Recruiting the DAO’s first leaders

One of the main goals of the competition, of course, was to put you guys to the test and figure out who has what it takes to be a Junior Ambassador. To tell you the truth, of the more than one thousand applicants, well over 100 of you are ready for the role. Because we’re still working things out (we admit it!) we’ve only been able to promote 83 candidates so far.

Make sure to check the official Subsquid Discord channel if you haven’t been promoted yet. We may give you the new role in the coming days or weeks. In the meantime, make sure to congratulate our current list of Junior Ambassadors.

  • 0xb888#1204
  • agrozold
  • Anatoli401#1528
  • binancebtc.eth#0520
  • Cihan187#4325
  • Divermore#4820
  • Block Invest#5556
  • Homahoy#5673
  • Kang#5409
  • kisel051287#1062
  • rykowv12#5826
  • linuboy#3470
  • Saiddxb#9352
  • Smail | STEPN#5615
  • Synoptic#1498
  • treeman#2350
  • WhiteCrows.Ihor Afanasiev#9590
  • golushko_invest#4346
  • limberbee#1611
  • Tatiana2411#3330
  • Avet#2884
  • ekke116#5992
  • shreyuday#1581
  • Limonka#1915
  • 1vanKing#7752
  • tjomax#3602
  • Droid Sans Ethiopic#8945
  • Ihor#0732
  • Svetlana#7505
  • carnage_dima#4673
  • KTP#8261
  • Hendot#2438
  • Dimlak#7104
  • shian17
  • CryptoKella#8197
  • Navam#UD4914
  • shelest_artem#5297
  • Xpert#0766
  • kemi#5235
  • anastese1#2102
  • New Trader#7893
  • howhy#8654
  • Kingnuel | Blockchain_mata#5927
  • SavaCousin#7741
  • Koon-WalkingSpoiler#4351
  • SmithGrandee#3155
  • ungest#3024
  • Miracule#1733
  • miadee#1551
  • ragnars — InvArch#7536
  • Zuddha#7418
  • Maria/25#2016
  • RealPrMax | RoR#6432
  • Julissa#5024
  • badan |#3465
  • iamfsdev#3519
  • Pikki/Свят#4834
  • Liucia#8797
  • Alex_Kaprizz#0299
  • alpert#2065
  • arxangel1#1792
  • Dominita#8596
  • EMangutov34#2776
  • Rasandinv#8916
  • jagermeister197#9148
  • aron#5496
  • gleboti#6102
  • CryptoMafia#9303
  • vammac#1595
  • Prosper Saint#3385
  • SamuelSynassets#7168
  • vickyjay#1738
  • Efizy#4055
  • dima_pr#3712
  • tarieno#4769
  • Vlad_#9349
  • Dmi0207 #5082
  • Oneseven4ever#4057
  • Tigran51#9202
  • Diu Dong#7886
  • Fiftyrooti#9830
  • SOlgaS#4770

Remember, everyone has a chance to become a Subsquid Junior Ambassador! Let us know your skillset, and show it off in the community and in the greater Web3 ecosystem. Set yourself apart from the crowd, and you’re sure to get a promotion!

There’s still time to apply!

Just heard about Subsquid? Want to become an Ambassador? Don’t worry! The ambassador program isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it is now a permanent part of the project.

Meme by community member GaryDa

To apply, just follow this link, read about the program, and submit your application! We will select candidates based on the activities they complete in contribution to the project. We will certainly hold more recruitment campaigns, like the Social Growth Competition, in the future.

Announcing April’s AMA!

More community activities and competitions are coming soon (stay posted!). Until then, we’d like to invite you to attend April’s AMA session!

Hosted by Andy Houston of the Monetization Machine YouTube Channel, the event will take place on Monday, April 11th at 7:30 PM CET (8:30 PM EST). Subsquid CEO Dmitry Zhelezov will be there to answer community questions about the project.

Got a question? Fill out this form and Dmitry may provide you with an answer!

Subsquid’s Official Channels

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We are building a data backbone for #Web3. APIs and analytics on 33 networks (and counting). &

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We are building a data backbone for #Web3. APIs and analytics on 33 networks (and counting). &

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