Tutorial — Quest Management System

This is a tutorial intended to help members of the Open Ocean Council Program’s Team Sonar and Team Abyss utilise the Quest Management System. The QMS is a bot that runs on the Subsquid Discord server which helps to distribute and assign quests to community members.


New quests for each team will appear in their dedicated -board channels, as indicated in the pictures

How to Claim a quest

When a quest is created, the QMS will send a message into the -sonar-board or -abyss-board channel. It will look like this:

In order to claim the quest, the first step is to click on the Claim button.

This should only be done if you actually plan on taking on the work and aim to complete the task by the specified deadline. It would be good practice etiquette to discuss the tasks in the dedicated team channels (abyss-quests and sonar-quests) before claiming them.

If given reason to suspect there is no intent to work on the quest, administrators can remove a user’s claim at any time. Any abuse of the QMS will be taken into account.

When work is ready to be reviewed

After a task has been claimed by at least one person, the Unclaim button will appear.

Once a quest that accepts multiple applications has reached the quota, the Submit for Review button will appear and the Claim button will disappear.

These buttons are visible to everyone, but only applicants can click on them. Anyone else who tries to do so will get an error message from the bot.

Upon finishing their work, applicants can click on Submit for Review and admins will be alerted. It is good practice to post links to the work done in the dedicated team channel.

Quest In Review

When the Quest has been submitted for review, no further action is required from the applicants. Administrators will approve or reject the work done. In both cases, you will be notified with a Direct Message from the bot itself.

Rejected quest

If a quest result is rejected by an administrator, the Claim button will reappear. It will then be possible for another applicant to claim the quest.

Approved quest

An approved quest will be considered CLOSED. The work is completed and has been approved by the Administrator, so no further actions are required.



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