Unlocking Multichain Governance Data for Substrate | Subsquid and DeepDAO Partnership

3 min readJun 15, 2022

Subsquid and DeepDAO are excited to reveal a recent collaboration that has culminated in the creation of the DotSama ecosystem’s most substantive hub for information relating to decentralised autonomous organizations (DAOs). As a consequence of this partnership, users of DeepDAO.io can already access important metrics about on-chain governance on Polkadot, Kusama, and six other parachains. Going into the future, the two teams expect to integrate a long list of additional Substrate-based networks.

This Subsquid implementation innovates by bringing data from multiple blockchains together into a single Squid API. In simple terms, Subsquid’s integrations team has been able to stitch eight Squids into a single endpoint. Each one of these Squids is responsible for processing data from one of the networks that the DeepDAO team had selected. Together, the Squids contribute to an aggregated API, which is able to provide a holistic view of the underlying data. Additional networks can easily be brought into this united endpoint in line with future requirements.

Subsquid co-founder and CEO Dmitry Zhelezov underlined the significance of this partnership: ”The mission of Subsquid is to make data accessible. DeepDAO is an excellent tool for getting insights about governance, making DAOs truly transparent and providing information based on hard to extract on-chain data. DAOs have become a critical piece of Web3, and it’s hard to think of anyone better than DeepDAO when it comes to bringing data-driven insights to DotSama and parachain governance.”

Eyal Eithcowich, CEO, DeepDAO added: “We’re very excited to have the new Substrate chains and parachains on DeepDAO. The Substrate’s fully on chain, multi-tier governance is fascinating and innovative, and adding these DAOs mark an important milestone for us. Working with the Subsquid team was a pleasure: they understood our data requirements quickly and thoroughly and delivered a high quality API for multiple chains. Awesome work!”

The full list of Substrate organizations supported by DeepDAO now includes Polkadot, Kusama, Acala, Darwinia, Crust, BiFrost, Moonriver, and HydraDX. Featured metrics include treasury size, proposal counts and success rates, number and addresses of active members, and voter coalitions.

Upcoming Fireside Chat

This integration has been Subsquid’s deepest dive into governance data yet, and working with DeepDAO has been a great opportunity to put some thought into what it means to build, maintain, and analyse DAOs. To wrap this initial integration up, we have decided to host the DeepDAO team for a fireside chat on the topic. Details about this live event are coming soon.

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DeepDAO is the number one discovery engine for crypto DAOs, and the top tool for aggregating, listing, and analyzing governance. With 5000 listed blockchain DAOs and millions of governance profiles, DeepDAO is a vast network of social and work-related connections in the Web3 space. Top research teams, VCs, and top media institutions rely on DeepDAO data to report on the explosively growing DAO ecosystem.

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Subsquid is an API framework that supercharges the development of multichain dApps and analytics dashboards. With a modular architecture and over 33 networks supported so far, we offer the best possible backend for blockchain applications.

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