Wanted: Discord Bot Developer

The Open Ocean Council will be the body that represents the interests of the Subsquid project when it transitions into a DAO. This decentralized ‘Squid Squad’ will guide the direction of the project, ensuring that it represents the desires of the community, with decisions made democratically.

The OCC is made up of members of two teams — Team Abyss and Team Sonar. Team Abyss is responsible for the technical development of the Subsquid protocol, while Team Sonar is in charge of promoting the project on social media and welcoming new supporters to the Subsquid community channels.

Election to the Open Ocean Council is achieved by completing tasks related to each team’s directives — for example the number of Github commits or social media interactions — with each month’s top performers getting the chance to join the council. In just the one month since the launch of the OOC website, we have seen some fantastic contributions.

We’ve been really impressed by the commitment and positivity shown by our members surrounding the project, and it’s really helped us get our name out there. As a result of these aspects moving ahead very nicely, we are starting to turn our attention to the next stage in Subsquid‘s DAO ambitions.

The Open Ocean Council is the incubator for what will become the Subsquid DAO. We believe that the time has come to start looking seriously at how we can automate the distribution of Team Abyss and Team Sonar tasks.

Automating the Open Ocean Council

This is where you come in — we would like the Squid Squad to lead development of the first version of the automated Quest Management System (QMS). The first iteration of the QMS will be a Discord bot that allows Open Ocean Council members to receive alerts relating to new quests, then claim the task and submit their work.

The timeframe for the completion of this task is one week from the date it is delegated. The reward will be 750 USDT plus 7500 SQD tokens, with the full payout in USDT to be awarded once all conditions as described in the technical specification have been fulfilled. The SQD tokens will be sent after the Subsquid TGE.

Technical Specification

To see if you have what it takes to be our QMS bot designer, check out the requirements here — https://bit.ly/3otpqYS. If you tick the boxes, and you’re happy to throw your hat into the ring, please contact our developer advocate Massimo (@RaekwonTheChefIII on Telegram or RaekwonIII#3962 on Discord). Only one person will be chosen for this task, so if you’re interested, act fast!

We look forward to your submissions, and thanks for the awesome work so far!

Join our Community!

To find out more about Subsquid, join us on our Discord server and chat to one of our helpful Subsquid team members or other users. For those who want some more background information on Subsquid and what it’s all about, our website and Medium page are the perfect places to start.

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