Welcoming Subsquid’s First Upper-Level Junior Ambassadors

2 min readJun 19, 2022


A few days ago, we announced phase two of the Subsquid ambassador program. Now, prior to getting promoted to full-ambassadorship, community members must pass through three levels as a junior ambassador. Each of these three levels (level-0, level-1, level-2) offers its own rewards and privileges:

  • Level 0 → Access to exclusive giveaway events.
  • Level 1 → Inner-circle benefits, more access to chats and team, name mentioned on the Subsquid website.
  • Level 2 → Squid Squad NFT, profile picture, or avatar on the Subsquid website.

As discussed in our previous post, participants are recommended to reach certain levels of XP, stay active in community events, then submit the appropriate applications in order to progress through the ambassador program.

To get phase two off to a great start, we have decided to promote thirty of our oldest, most active, and most loyal community members right away to level-1 and level-2. This selection has been based on objective metrics, with candidates chosen from the top spots on the leaderboard.

Congratulations to these first upper-ranked junior ambassadors!

Level-2 Junior Ambassadors

  1. Ragnars
  2. Rykowv12
  3. Saiddxb
  4. Miadee
  5. Pikki/Свят
  6. Dimlak
  7. Kisel051287
  8. Smail
  9. New Trader
  10. Xpert

Level-1 Junior Ambassadors

  1. Maria/25
  2. Jagermeister
  3. Limonka
  4. Tjomax
  5. GaryDa
  6. Vickyjay
  7. Dmi0207
  8. Arthur |
  9. Misha1986
  10. RealPrMax
  11. Alpert
  12. Vlad_
  13. Kang
  14. Homahoy
  15. Kingnuel
  16. Tigran51
  17. EvgenFirst
  18. Arxangel
  19. Julissa
  20. Zuddha

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